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E-Soft valves


Reduced Salt Consumption & Reduced water to waste

Conventional softeners flow in the same direction for both service and regeneration modes. This means that any resin media which remains charged at the end of the service run will become discharged and then recharged during the regeneration cycle as hardness salts released from the discharged media are passed through this unused media.

The counter-flow operation of the e-SOFT UNITS means that during regeneration, brine regenerant solution is first passed through any unused media before progressively recharging the used media. This means that the released hardness salts are carried to drain past only fully discharged media. This ensures that any residual capacity in the media is retained and final stage media is protected and maintained in optimum condition.


The up-flow brine cycle also means that during the regeneration cycle the media bed is fluidized optimizing the regeneration cycle over the full surface of the media beads.

The use of specially selected optimized resin media maximizes the capacity of the media and provides a balanced flow across the full width of the media bed.

e-SOFT Plus System Benefits
(Compared to traditional water softeners)
50% saving in salt consumption
40% saving in waste water
30% saving on space

e-SOFT System Benefits
(Compared to traditional water softeners)
30% saving in salt consumption
25% saving in waste water.

e-Soft versions are available across the full range of Waterwise softeners from 0.8 m3/hr up to 100 m3/hr flow rate. 

e-SOFT Plus units use a further development of this process. The softener column is fully packed with media incorporating a small amount of inert media at the top. The active media used is specially selected with uniform bead size.

In normal operation flow is upwards through the bed rather than downward flow of normal softeners. This up-flow design fluidizes the media exposing the full surface of the resin beads which combined with the use of strictly uniform bead size means an even distribution of media throughout the bed resulting in consistent and efficient softening process with improved exchange capacity and reduced pressure drop across the unit.

Regeneration flow is downwards in the opposite direction to normal service (Counter-current) through the resin as with the standard e-SOFT units, maximizing regeneration efficiency and minimizing water usage in regeneration.

The e-SOFT Plus high flow system incorporates the latest development in patented distribution system. Each vessel contains an upper and lower distributor system using star laterals embedded in inert media. The e-SOFT Plus system has standard duplex models ranging from 20 to 105 m3/hr. Larger systems and multi vessel units can be designed and built to order.