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Bulk salt saturators

Manual handling of large bags of salt is no longer accepted in many applications and industries. The salt saturator is a vessel designed to take away manual handling issues making the requirement for brine a much less costlier and safer option.  ESG Waterwise offers a standard range of salt saturators starting 8 tonne to 70 tonne capacity (other volumes available on request).

Salt saturators work on a very simple principle whereby a controlled addition of water is mixed with PDV salt (pure dried vacuum salt).

All salt saturators come complete with a fill line which is designed to accept the salt from a bulk delivery tanker.  The outlet of the salt saturator is connected to a brine collection system situated inside the vessel.  The brine collection system is firstly covered by graded layers of gravel and then a bed of salt.  Water is supplied to the salt saturator via a mains water supply which is controlled via a ball float valve system.  The water mixes with the salt to become brine which seeks through the graded filter bed and into the brine collection system giving clean saturated brine through the outlet connection.





The shells of our salt saturators are translucent and incorporate a UV stabiliser in order that the salt and water levels can be easily seen.  The tops and bases are pigmented blue as standard.


All standard models come complete with the following:

  • Side manways

  • Louvered vents

  • Fill lines c/w tanker connection

  • Lifting lugs

  • Float columns

  • Brine outlet c/w internal collection system

  • Gravel bed (supply only)

  • Pressure relief vents

Optional extras include the following:

  • Dust arresters

  • Filter socks

  • Overflow downpipes

  • Outlet valves

  • Access steelwork (supply only)

  • Level alarms

  • Installation

Salt Dust Arrester / Filter Socks

A louvered type vent system is incorporated in our standard model salt saturators.  With this system any escaping dust would be vented out through the louvered vent.  If your application was based indoors or in a sensitive area, other means of venting should be considered.

ESG Waterwise are able to offer alternative filter systems in the form of either a filter sock or salt dust arrester.

The filter sock is primarily for an indoor application.  It is made up from a fabric type porous material to prevent any pressurisation during filling.  The filter sock is attached to a vent off the top of the vessel and is designed to catch escaping dust within the sock itself.  It is recommended that the sock is emptied by the drawstrings after each fill.

The dust arrester is a small tank based next to the salt saturator.  The dust arrester is connected to the vessel via a 12” PVC vent line.  In this vent line there is a supply of water which passes through a spray nozzle.  The spray effect is designed to guide the dust into the arrester.  The dust then sits in a bed of water and is distributed away via a 2” outlet.

Dust arresters will remove the majority of dust but in highly sensitive areas a specialist dust removal system may be required.


Access Steelwork

We are able to offer a wide range of items designed and fabricated, including access ladders, walkways, kicking boards, handrails, support platforms made from mild steel painted, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.












Bulk salt saturator sizing chart