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Ozone Applications - Pharmaceutical & Process lines

OFG Units for use in Pharmaceutical & CIP

Ozone provides a safe, highly effective and energy efficient method of protecting pharmaceutical process water systems against microbiological   activity in the water and biofilm contamination in the water system.

Ozone treatment ensures that the microbiological quality of the water and system hygiene are maintained within the most stringent water quality standards without the need for heat sterilisation or the use of chemical disinfectants.

The system can be routinely CIP cleaned and sterilised without draining down and with minimal disruption to production. With no chemicals being used, risk of product contamination is minimised. The process is both energy and time efficient, because there is no requirement to drain or flush the system during or on completion of the process. There is no wastage or loss of costly purified water.

System Layout

Typical process water systems in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries incorporate a water storage tank with recirculating ring main to distribute water to the process machines and applications.

Such systems, whether using purified or untreated water, are subject to biological activity with biofilm development on pipe walls and in the storage tank. Whilst UV units can control the bacteria levels in the water, bacteria such as Pseudomonas species will continue to develop, producing biofilm throughout the system and compromising the water quality. Control of such biofilm can only be achieved by circulating a disinfectant or biocide throughout the system. Ozone provides a safe and effective cleaning and biocidal treatment, replacing heat sterilisation and chemical processes previously used.

Normal Operation

In normal operating mode, ozone injection into the recirculating loop return prior to the storage tank provides continuous disinfection of the tank and stored water. An ozone destruct UV on the output flow from the tank prior to the first point of use ensures that the residual ozone is destroyed providing high quality sterile water.

CIP Process

During periods when there is no production demand, switching off the UV lamp allows ozonated water to circulate freely throughout the system destroying any biofilm and disinfecting the complete system.

To resume production, the UV unit is switched back on, immediately destroying the ozone disinfectant in the recirculating water. This allows production to commence directly without the need for the system to be drained or flushed.

Monitoring & Control

The level of ozone present in water can be readily and accurately monitored ensuring effective control of water quality.

In addition, Waterwise ozone systems, built to the high standards required for pharmaceutical processes, incorporate fault sensors to give immediate indication of fault or malfunction.

Capability Of Waterwise Technology

As specilists in the field of ozonation of water systems, Waterwise Technology has a wide experience in the design and installation of ozonation systems to suit clients' specific requirements. As a leading specialist manufacturer of industrial ozone systems in the UK, Waterwise Technology has access to ‘state of the art’ ozone production technology and new developments from within the industry.

Waterwise Technology provide the combination of technical competency in the design and installation of specialist ozone systems, coupled with manufacturing excellence and total commitment to support service.

Ozone disinfection and "CIP" for process water distribution systems

Benefits of Ozone Disinfection for Process Water Systems

Total Biological Control

  • Ozone destroys all bacteria, biofilms and viruses, etc.

No Resistance Build Up

  • The nature of ozone destruction of bacteria means that resistant strains cannot develop.

Effective Against Biofilm

  • Ozone destroys and removes biofilm.

Rapid Cip With Minimal Downtime

  • The ability of UV to breakdown ozone to natural oxygen allows the system disinfection to be instantly turned on and off. No need to drain or flush the system.

Easily Monitored

  • The presence of Ozone in water is readily measured and verified using standard instrumentation and chemical test procedures.

Safe & Reliable

  • Ozone will not react with the process water to form any bi-products.
  • Ozone being a form of oxygen is both safe and controllable.

No Storage Hazards

  • Produced at point of use using electricity and air. The hazards associated with the handling, storage, disposal of toxic and polluting chemicals / containers is eliminated.

Minimal Health And Safety Risk

  • No high temperatures, hot pipework or hazardous chemicals. In the event of Ozone leakage, the system can be shut down automatically and Ozone will dissipate naturally within minutes.

Reducing Operating & Maintenance Costs

  • Reduced system cleaning and downtime, reduces filtration requirements and filter replacement. Disinfection of the system can be fully automated.