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Environmentally friendly water treatment

Ozone is a natural ingredient of the earth’s atmosphere, generated by solar energy, and is in the gaseous form at ambient conditions. It decomposes naturally in a matter of hours to normal molecular oxygen, leaving no residual compounds or toxins unlike other disinfectants.

Ozone is readily soluble in water, approx 3 to 4 times more so than oxygen, with a half-life of in water of 10 to 20 minutes under normal conditions.

Ozone is capable of destroying all bacteria, algae and biofilms with no risk of resistance build up or immunity. Even resistant and problematic aqueous micro organisms, such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, streptococcus fecalis and E.coli causing grave human health concerns in potable water, are readily and rapidly inactivated by ozone.

Reduce the need for chemicals

As the ozone gas is produced ‘in situ’ and without the use of chemicals, there are immediate environmental benefits:

  • The only ‘breakdown’ product is oxygen – no pollutants
  • Any waste water is safe to enter waterways and surface drains – no need for a foul sewer
  • Waste water can be used in other grey water applications – saving water top up from other sources

Lower your carbon footprint

  • No chemical manufacture, most chemicals are produced abroad and imported to the UK.
  • No chemicals also means no chemical drums
    • No transport costs
      • To and from the country of manufacture
      • To and from distributor sites
      • To and from the end user site
    • There are no waste chemical drums to store and remove from site
      • No landfill or shredding issues

We would be pleased to discuss the overall savings in ‘Carbon Footprint’
which are substantial!