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Ozone Applications - Bottled Water Disinfection

OCS Units for use on Bottled Water Plants

Ozone provides a powerful cleaning & disinfection action to clean and sterilise new bottles and containers prior to filling.

As ozone is produced from oxygen and does not leave any residual chemicals, there is no risk of product contamination and taint, even when used on sensitive products, such as bottled water and wine.

Ozone meets the needs of asceptic bottling, using cold water rinsing without chemicals.

The OCS Ozonation Systems are complete, skid mounted, ready to install units incorporating ozone production, injection, contact vessel and degas system.

The units are fully PLC controlled, with ozone monitoring to maintain close control of the ozone level in the treated water, providing fully automatic operation with the minimum of operator attention.

Fully pre-piped, pre-wired and works tested, including all instrumentation, vent ozone destruct and gas escape monitoring, OCS Systems can be installed and operational within hours with minimum plant disruption.

OCS units are designed to operate on pressurised water lines at pressures up to 4 bar (Higher-pressure systems and un-pressurised atmospheric systems are available if required).

PLC control of the ozone generator allows a rapid response to changes in ozone demand, thus ensuring that the ozone level in the treated water is maintained within close tolerance to the required ozone dose. Even with wide fluctuation in water flow, close control is maintained, even under stop/start intermittent flow conditions.

Touch pad interface control allows operators to select different operating modes, covering normal production, system sanitisation etc, with control settings and specific parameters pre-programmed for each mode.

OCS units use oxygen feed gas produced by an oxygen concentrator incorporated in the unit. This unit extracts the oxygen from normal air providing a purified feed gas for the generator, free from nitrogen and other contaminants.

Rinsing and Disinfection Using Ozonated Water

Ozonated water provides a powerful non-toxic disinfectant solution for wash-down and cold water surface disinfection and sanitization in a wide range of applications. Ozone is the most powerful oxidising disinfectant commercially available for use, being considerably more effective than chlorine and chlorine dioxide. It is effective against all bacteria, biofilms, algae, viruses and cysts, providing total disinfection with no risk of immunity build up, with the added benefit that no chemicals or compounds are required or added to the water.

Ozone has been granted “GRAS” (Generally recognised as safe) status by the US Food and Drug Administration allowing its unrestricted use in any food processing application, other than dairy products where there are specific controls and regulations.

Because ozone breaks down naturally to normal oxygen within a short time leaving no residual chemicals or contaminants, there is no risk of contamination of products or process. High dosage levels can be used safely to provide total disinfection without the need for additional rinsing and with no risk of contamination, or product taint.

No residual disinfectant will remain in wash-down effluent, reducing effluent treatment and minimising environmental impact.