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The benefits

Continuous uninterrupted dirt seperation No backwashing or cleaning cycle
Low Head loss Fixed flow and pressure loss characteristics allow the unit to be easily integrated into the system at the design stage
Filters to less than 20 micron Cyclones will filter down to less than 20 microns on a continuously recircluated system.
No filter or media Removes the need to change filter elements or filter media
No downtime requirements The unit is designed to operate continuously with no routine shutdowns. Purging of system performed during full operation
Small, compact Easy to install
Does not harbour bacteria No filter media or dead legs for bacteria such as Legionella to live
Available in a large range of sizes - 0.7 - 2,700m3/hr Units to suit all applications
Available in a range of materials Carbon Steel 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
Anti corrosion / abrasion specialised coatings ATD Series allows application of specialised coatings such as Rilsan.